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Getting Your Business Online
It can be difficult to know the benefits of splashing out on a new website before you make the decision. So here is a handy guide with a few things to think about:

New Clients
The internet is the natural place to expand your business, and opens your products and services up to a whole new marketplace. Internet shopping is the fastest growing retail sector and there are plenty of cost effective solutions to tap into this market.

Worldwide Exposure
With a website you can do business beyond your local area so it's worth bearing this in mind when planning for selling abroad as this can incur costs such as international shipping.

Keep in Touch
Whether a blog, facebook, twitter or email newsletters, keeping in touch with your customers is easy online. Rather than spend money on a postal marketing campaign you can directly target those who you know will be interested.

Low Cost
Design agencies should provide you with just the type of website you need. For example at Print Screen we provide a range of offers targeted to be cost effective for different business types. Beyond that we work to fixed budgets, agreed with you before we start. This way we avoid unanticipated costs.

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